June 18th, 2014 - Aviation museum hopes to take off

June 18th, 2014 - Aviation museum hopes to take off
WESTFIELD – The Westfield Aviation Museum, led by President Harland Avezzie Sr. and Treasuer Paul Dion, has been in existence for over a decade under the title of Pioneer Valley Military and Transportation Museum and they hope that they have built up enough capital and support to build a museum in Westfield.

“We want a living museum with vehicles that are running and aircraft that are flying, and to be able to give kids rides,” said Avezzie, owner of North American Restorations of 40 Franklin Street. “It’s all about education. Let kids experience stuff that you’re not going to experience anywhere else.”
Avezzie’s group is taking pointers from New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, on how to build their own museum.

“We’ve spoken about going down with them and seeing how they’ve gone about coming up with logos and ideas. I’ve worked with them a lot, so I’m very familiar with them,” he said.

“And it took them over 17 years to get their first building up. You’ve got to find donations,” added Dion, who stated that the Westfield Aviation Museum has accumulated almost $200,000 from local businesses, veterans and military vehicle enthusiasts toward building the facility on their leased property at 20 Airport Road.

“We finally have the money to put up a 75 foot by 100 foot building,” added Avezzie...

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