May 5, 2015 - New Hangar

May 5, 2015 - New Hangar
WESTFIELD - Pioneer Valley Military & Transportation Museum Inc. will launch a capital drive next month designed to coincide with groundbreaking for its main building at Barnes Regional Airport.

Museum vice president Peter Howe and treasurer Paul Dion Tuesday announced plans to break ground in June for the museum's main building off Airport Road along with a scheduled June 10 capital campaign kick-off.

Plans for the city's Pioneer Valley Military & Transportation Museum that will house working military and non-military aircraft and motor vehicles has been in the planning stages for about the past 11 years, Howe said.

Dion explained the group now has funding to begin construction and he and Howe said the capital drive is being launched to raise additional funding for support of the museum and additional building construction on site.

The museum will have immediate access to runway facilities at Barnes allowing its display aircraft to take off and land at the airport...